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Page Header

The page header is used consistently across all CATSWeb pages, but is described here for convenience.

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Acme Mfg.
User Bob Jones (Quality Assurance)
has open personal tasks.
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The CATSWeb logo at the top left may be clicked to view the About CATSWeb page. The links along the top of the header provide direct access to the Home, Manage and My CATSWeb pages from any point in the application. The Logout link ends your CATSWeb session ans returns you to the Login page, and the Help link opens the context-sensitive help page that is relevant to the page you are currently viewing in CATSWeb. For convenience, these links are repeated along the bottom of each page. Note that you will not see a Manage link if you do not have permission to administer the system.

Below your company name is a sentence that indicates whether or not you have open tasks in the system. Your current department is shown in parentheses, and clicking it will open the Department Tasks page. If you do have open tasks, the "personal tasks" phrase will be a link. Clicking it opens the Personal Tasks page.

The Go To section allows you to navigate directly to a specific record. Choose the type of record, enter the record number in the box, and click the arrow. If the Full Text Search option is installed, a search box and link to the Advanced Search form may appear here as well.

On the Home page only, a Department selection list is provided immediately below the header. If you are a member of multiple departments, this provides an easy way for you to change your current department: select a different department and click the arrow.

If the optional Multiple Employee Personalities feature is installed, you may also change your Personality in the same way.

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Page Body

The CATSWeb Home page body provides the following functions:

  • Add Issue - Select a category (form), then click this button to add an Issue. If you do not select a category, the default Issue category for your Department will be used.

  • Add Action - This button loads the Action Add Form which allows new Actions to be entered. You may select a category for the Action. If you do not select a category, the default category for your Department will be used.

  • Personal Tasks - This button loads the Personal Tasks page which lists all of the tasks assigned to you. You can click on any item to perform the assigned task.

  • Department Tasks - This button loads the Department Tasks page which shows all tasks assigned to everyone in your Department. You may perform any of these tasks if your administrator has granted you the necessary permission.

  • Status - This button loads the Status page which lets you view the status of all items added in your department.

  • Queries - This button loads the Queries page which allows you to enter new queries or recall saved queries. Queries are the easiest and most efficient way to find specific data in the CATS system. You may locate any record or set of records that meet any criteria you define. After viewing the result list, you can click on a record to view the details.

  • Hot List - The right side of the page contains your Hot List, which is a quick summary of your open tasks. You may customize the Hot List presentation on the My CATSWeb page.

  • Special Functions - If your administrator has defined any special functions, they will appear as links in the lower left region of the page.

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